"A person's soul can be judged by the way they treat their dog"


Our version of Charles Doran


Our Top Seller: Chicken Wrapped Beef Marrow Bone

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Hand Selected Beef Marrow Bones, straight from the local butcher, wrapped in deliciously thin sliced chicken breast.
Did I mention the nickname for this is the "babysitter"! Your dog will forget about anything else! Oh and re-stuffable too!
As always, always monitor your pets with any treats
Available in various sizes!

Chicken Wrapped Beef Marrow Bones

Chicken Wrapped Beef Marrow Bones


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We use no chemicals or chemical preservatives
Storage Tips: It is recommended you refrigerate or freeze any treats that will not be consumed immediately, to ensure freshness. Never store our treats, for any length of time, in plastics or air tight containers.
As always, all pets should be monitored with any food, toy or treat.


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